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With our diagnostic skills gap testing, students can identify their weak areas and be assigned a customized curriculum to improve their gaps in challenging subjects!


Take the OneX Skills Gap Test

Your child’s skills gap test will take them through a series of diagnostic test questions and determine where learning loss has occurred and highlight existing weak areas


Assess your child’s knowledge gaps

Results and insights from your child’s skills gap test will identify specific gaps in learning that need to be addressed. These results are used to tailor personalized corrective solutions.


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  • Live Online Classes
  • Personal Tutoring and
  • Academic Coaching
  • Self-guided video courses

Take Action with your Personalized
OneX Plan

On Demand

  • Self-paced PEP, CSEC and CAPE
    video courses for ALL Subjects
  • Free Skills Gap Testing
  • Over 10 years of Past Paper Questions
  • Over 40,000 Questions & Solutions

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Live classes for 4 subjects

  • Access to all On Demand Features
  • Self-paced PEP, CSEC and CAPE
    video courses for ALL Subjects.
  • Free Skills Gap Testing.
  • Live PEP, CSEC and CAPE Classes
  • Small and personalized
    live classes (25 students max.)

Prices quoted in Jamaican dollars (JMD). Each term is 4 months.

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OneX connects tutors and academic coaches with students for personalized interactive sessions.

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Join our daily classes of up to 25 students to learn new content and review concepts.

On-Demand Tutoring

Book a One on One session with a tutor to focus on improving skills to help with schoolwork.

Academic Coaching

Collaborate with an Academic Coach for motivation to study, learn and to develop skills to achieve goals through goal setting techniques and time management

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