Sherona Evans

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Sherona Evans

  • Courses: 3
  • Experience: 8 Years


Sherona Evans has been teaching CSEC English Language and Literature at the secondary level for the past 8 years; she has also taught City and Guilds English and Communication Studies at the CAPE level. A 2012 graduate of the Mico University College who was raised in the inner-city of Waterhouse, Sherona embodies the truth that your environment/ circumstances do not dictate who you are nor where you belong. During her tenure as teacher of English, she has also served in the capacity of Subject Coordinator for Literature, Year Supervisor and Community Peer Educator. She has been committed to fostering the growth and development of youth, as she sees it as her mission to inspire students through edutainment that will further enable them to effectively function in the real world. It is also her aim to promote a child-friendly environment where students feel safe, appreciated and encouraged through learning. Moreover, she strives to preserve her personal motto, No student left behind as together everyone will work in an effort to succeed against all odds.


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  • Grades 9 to 11